Automatic water level control valve


When the water level rises to the water-limited line, the Water Level Control Valve wi l l stop supplying water immediately; when the water level drop, the valve will start to supply water automatically.


Healthy and environmentally friendly.
Withstand 0-70°C, Anti-UV.
Attractive design.


Easy to install: small size, estimated flow rate up to 40 psi 3 gallons per minute, 60 psi 5 gallons per minute


The valve replaces the traditional float valve, no electricity, is easy to use, long life, low failure rate, and save water resources.

Widely used in: water tanks, water towers, swimming pools, solar energy, toilets, hot water boilers, animal drinking water, air cooling, humidifiers, civil buildings, cooling towers, hot water boilers, steamers, water tanks, water towers, toilets



When the water in the pond drops sharply, this will have a corresponding effect on the fish!
The good thing has a device called an automatic water switch!
What is this thing for?
The automatic water switch automatically replenishes pond water only when needed. You don’t need to check it from time to time whether it needs to be supplemented. Once it reaches the switch, it will automatically stop pouring water into the pond. Is it convenient?
Automatic water injection
Designed for automatic control of the water level to prevent water overflow!
Easy to install
Universal design to fit all pipes or hoses. Install this switch easily!
a lot of uses
It can be used not only in ponds but also in aquariums, water tanks, and swimming pools.
Made of durable PA66 nylon
Anti-rust and wear-resistant PA66 nylon material can ensure a long service life!
There is no need to check the water level.
Get the AutoLeveler water switch now!

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Automatic water level control valve


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