Basket Air Freshener



The Newest Viral Air Freshener from Solvani

Our Basket Air Fresheners are perfect for your car. Rated one of the #1 gifts of 2022, our bouquets are hand made with REAL PRESERVED FLOWERS and long lasting scent.

Our baskets are handmade and each flower is assorted into a bouquet and preserved lasting a lifetime ❤️

Basket Air Freshener

Surprise Someone You Love

Basket Air Freshener

Made with Real Dried Flowers

Our Basket Air Fresheners use real dried flowers! All of our baskets are also hand made with biodegradable materials.

Basket Air Freshener

Perfect for Couples and Friends

Show off your love for them with a long lasting bouquet, or gift one to a best friend.

Basket Air Freshener

Long Lasting and Refillable Scent

All of our bouquet scent diffusers come with a pre charged scent installed. Just use any store bought scent pod to refill after a few months of use!


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