Save your life! Avoiding dangerous falls in the bathroom is very easy thanks to this 100% non-slip mat!


Avoid dangerous falls getting out of the shower. Bazmat is 100% slip-resistant!

Bath mats have two very important roles: to absorb water coming out of the shower or bathtub and to prevent the risk of slips and falls. Bazmat has them both!
An anti-slip mat such as Bazmat offers the safety we are looking for our loved ones in such an everyday moment as bathing and daily toileting.

Absorbs up to 4 times more water than an ordinary mat

Watermarks can “magically” disappear in a matter of seconds.
The advanced nanotechnology with which Bazmat is manufactured allows water to penetrate quickly, with two to four times greater absorption than that of an ordinary bath mat.
What more could you ask for?


How to use it?

product use1

Place the bath mat near the shower.

product use2

Take a shower and enjoy a relaxing moment.

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Get out of the shower without the risk of falling.

The Best Option in the Market

Non-slip mat

Fully non-slip shower mat

Increased stability and safety

Avoids dangerous falls during bathing. Absorbs 99% of the water that splashes out from the shower or bathtub.

Absorbs water

Absorbs water in a matter of seconds, up to 4 times more than a traditional mat.

Perfect size

Measurements: 60 x 40 cm. It can be easily folded and stored in the closet without losing its shape and saving a lot of space.

Improved hygiene, very comfortable and easy to clean

The Bazmat bath mat stands out for its firmness and comfort. Its flexible material is very comfortable and provides greater stability to the feet, preventing falls that can cause serious fractures in children, adults and the elderly.It’s like walking on air! It is a pleasure to get out of a shower or bath and avoid cold contact with the cold floor thanks to Bazmat.
There is still more! Helps prevent the formation of bacteria thanks to its anti-fungal material that repels moisture. In addition, it is machine washable at a maximum temperature of 30 ℃.

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Main advantages:

Bath mat that quickly absorbs moisture from wet feet after a bath or shower, locking moisture into the mat and helping to keep feet dry and protect them from the cold.

100% slip resistant. The underside of this bath mat features a unique anti-slip design to prevent falls if the floor is wet. Helps increase safety and reduce the number of accidents.

Effortless cleaning, strong grip and soft touch. Measurements: 40 x 60 cm.

People over 50 years of age are at greater risk of falling at home, so it’s worth taking preventive measures.

product not use1 Bath mat

Unique anti-slip design helps prevent falls if the floor is wet.

product not use2 Easy to use

It’s so easy to use and so effective that you’ll wish you had discovered it sooner.

product not use3 Take it anywhere

You can use it anytime, anywhere.


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