CleanPod 2.0 – Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Remove 97% of Bacteria

With one click the CleanPod removes 97% of dirt and bacteria in a matter of seconds.

By using ultrasonic vibrations at 45 000 hz your jewelry will be shinier than when you bought it. video to gif

Deep Clean In 3 min

Your items will be as clean as new in 3 min

Clean With 1 Click

One button, one click and your items will be clean!


The CleanPod 2.0 can be used for cleanin

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Customer reviews

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  1. Mark

    Sparkling Clean

    Does a fantastic job cleaning glasses and jewelry.I have a Art of Shaving handle and cleaned off the build of soap. Looks like new.

    CleanPod 2.0 - Ultrasonic Cleaner
    CleanPod 2.0 - Ultrasonic Cleaner
  2. emaN neP

    Does the job...

    Works as described and although I have only used it for glasses, it has performed wonderfully and gave several pairs of glasses a deep clean.

  3. Brandt Izumo

    Don't think, Buy!

    I wait to use a product several times before review. Was mostly recently impressed with what I saw on my 15th use. My old necklace from when I was in my 20’s. The dark green was after I washed the necklace by itself with two cycles. Light green was water before. There were actually pieces floating around. The dirt was sickening. The image of our jewelry shows how often I use it to wash every several weeks. It doesn’t scratch glasses, but it will make the scratches you did have more noticeable. Two huge thumbs up. 👍👍

    CleanPod 2.0 - Ultrasonic Cleaner
    CleanPod 2.0 - Ultrasonic Cleaner
    CleanPod 2.0 - Ultrasonic Cleaner
    CleanPod 2.0 - Ultrasonic Cleaner
  4. Macy Delzell


    Does exactly as it says!! My husband bought me this ring as a push present. It’s our daughters birthstone (Citrine) and the hope is I will be able to pass it on to her when she grows up. I work with my hands in my industry, not to mention being a mom of 2. The way the ring was designed I have found it’s more difficult to clean than my wedding set. So over the year it’s gotten dirty and broke my heart. Finally broke down and bought this. Literally opened it up as soon as it was delivered and got to work. Within one cycle my wedding set was BLINGING! It did take a few cycles but this band is back to SHINING like NEW!!! Definitely recommend.

    CleanPod 2.0 - Ultrasonic Cleaner
    CleanPod 2.0 - Ultrasonic Cleaner
    CleanPod 2.0 - Ultrasonic Cleaner
  5. Mallorie Snider



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