Compression Knee Sleeve


  • Comfortable Fit: Designed to fit your left or right knee perfectly for a comfy and mobile experience.
  • Instant Pain Relief: Apply heat and compression to your knee joints for pain and swelling relief in under 5 minutes. Plus, it helps stabilize your knee and prevent severe injuries.
  • Breathable Fabric: The fabric is breathable, allowing you to wear it for days without any discomfort.
  • Durable: Despite its slim profile, it’s long-lasting and more durable than other comparable products.
  • Great for Sports: Perfect for sports activities, it can help enhance your performance and endurance.
  • Machine Washable: You can easily wash it in the machine for added convenience.

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Proven by over 10k+ medical studies

Research has shown overwhelmingly positive results for the use of knee compression sleeves to manage knee pain.

ReyField is proud to offer a line of high-quality knee compression sleeves designed to alleviate the pain associated with conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and meniscus tears, as well as other knee-related injuries.

With instant relief and lasting benefits from daily use, these medical-grade knee compression sleeves can make a world of difference for you too.

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“Supports my knees!

I use these sleeves during my wakeboarding practice to support my knees so I don’t have to worry about injuring them. To my surprise, they didn’t only protect my knees, but I was able to control my balance and stay upright for much longer. I am impressed!”

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“Changed my life!

I’ve always had bad knees all my life, and walking everyday makes it worse. Sometimes the pain is just horrible! I didn’t think there was anything I could do about it until I found Reyfield. After using this for a month, my knees are already better even without me wearing it.”

Knee Review 2

“Best sleeve ever.

I wear these during my workouts and my knees feel so much stronger. My body overall is more comfortable, no more discomfort or pain, and I love that it helps speed up recovery after a workout. Now, I get to live my active lifestyle knee-pain free!”


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