Trusted by thousands.

“My holy grail”

“A feeling so relaxing it just can’t be described in words. I’m obsessed…”

“I love it”

“Changed my world around when the time of the month comes crashing through…”

“Game changer”

“This is it. After struggling with cramps all my life,?CrampBuddy is my saving grace…”

How it works.

Picture a personal masseuse catering to your cramps. CrampBuddy is a cozy, soothing experience that targets all the right spots with the perfect blend of heat and massage.

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Ditch the pills.

We’ve been conditioned to rely on pills with potential side effects. Embrace CrampBuddy for a natural, drug-free solution to period cramp relief.

Goodbye cramps.

CrampBuddy begins to ease your cramps right away, regardless of their intensity. With three distinct heat modes, and five massage modes you can count on CrampBuddy for any situation.

As Simple as 1-2-3.
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Put her on…

Wrap CrampBuddy around your body with the adjustable strap.

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press a button…

Turn CrampBuddy and choose from three soothing heat modes.

and relax.

You’re done! Sit back and let CrampBuddy handle the rest, while you embrace a pain-free life.


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