Dog Bark Silencer

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Doggy Benefits

1. Humane: Ultrasonic bark control devices are a humane way to deter excessive barking without using harsh methods that can harm or cause stress to dogs.

2. Non-invasive: Unlike some other methods, such as shock collars, ultrasonic bark control devices do not require physical contact with the dog, which can be uncomfortable and distressing for some dogs.

3. Effective: Ultrasonic bark control devices can be effective in reducing excessive barking in dogs. The high-pitched sound is designed to interrupt the barking behavior and discourage the dog from continuing to bark.

4. Versatile: Ultrasonic bark control devices can be used in a variety of settings, including indoor and outdoor environments, and can be used to train multiple dogs.

5. Affordable: Ultrasonic bark control devices are generally more affordable than other methods, such as hiring a professional dog trainer or purchasing a shock collar.

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Health Benefits

Comparison to other methods
– Lower Stress Levels –

– Lower Levels of Phobia –

– Lower Levels in Heart Rate – other methods such as shock collars or citronella collars can potentially have negative effects on a dog’s health. Shock collars use an electric shock to deter barking, which can be painful and cause fear or anxiety in dogs. Citronella collars emit a strong spray of citronella oil, which some dogs may find irritating or stressful. It’s important to note that any method of controlling excessive barking should be used appropriately and with consideration for the dog’s well-being.

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Key Features

Automatic Bark Detection

The Device will automatically detect the tone of your dogs bark it will be active while your dog barks & once barking halts the device will switch off.

Anti Barking
Easy solution for the deterrence of your pet or neighours nuisance barking.


Completely wirless product which can be used wherever best suits, please charge for 5 hours prior to using.

Durable &Waterproof

IPX4 Waterproof splash resistant with easy installation solutions, place anywhere in the house or even outdoors.

3 Levels Of Intensity

Multiple levels of intensity to suit all breeds & sizes low,mid & high frequencies depending on the situation.

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Dog Collar Vs Bark Control Device?

Save Pain Time & Money

The electric shock from dog collars can cause psychological distress for your pet, including phobias, high levels of stress & can also result in unhealthy increases in heart rate.

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Customer reviews

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  1. R***a

    Product arrived quickly and was well packaged. Would buy from again! A+ seller

    Dog Bark Silencer
  2. В***h

    everything very well

    Dog Bark Silencer
  3. J***e

    Works surprisingly well

    Dog Bark Silencer
  4. S***a

    thank you very much! Very fast and accurate delivery ! Good product!

  5. R***e

    It is the second I buy, it works very well, I have several to protect myself from the lours of the neighbor’s dogs. Charges very fast and is out in the open. No problem

    Dog Bark Silencer
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