DreamChill Cooling Blanket

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Guaranteed Improved Sleep

Instantly solve:

– Difficulty Falling Asleep
– Sleep Sweats
– Tossing & Turning
– Waking Up in the Night

No matter which issue you have, a cooler environment is scientifically proven to improve sleep!

How Does it Work?

The DreamChill Blanket uses our IceFabric technology to absorb body heat, instantly cooling down your body temperature.

Combined with our light, breathable design, it provides a cooling effect that lasts all night long.

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Customer reviews

Based on 16 reviews
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  1. M***e

  2. F***n

    Feels really cool under AC like how it describes.

  3. M***m

    thin and cool enough

    DreamChill Cooling Blanket
  4. J***k

  5. M***l

    Light, soft and thin, not cooling

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