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Our ears are too sensitive to be poked with cotton buds, yet we all do it.

Cotton buds only clog your ears, dull your hearing, and Long-term use can lead to more serious issues like?ear infections.

It’s time to stop using them and switch to a more effective alternative.

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Cotton buds don’t work.

Conventional cotton buds don’t only damage your ears but also harm our environment and your wallet in the long run.

They are only used for a few seconds but pollute the environment for decades, and in the course of a lifetime, an adult person uses up to 165lbs of cotton buds.

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Buy once, use forever.

Do you clean your ears once a week or once a day

Most people fall somewhere in between, cleaning their ears a few times a week, 200 times a year, and 12,000 times in their lifetime.

We believe that you should get something for your money. That’s why EarMate comes with reusable and replaceable silicone attachments. So you never have to buy accessories after your purchase!
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