Eyebrow Stamp Kit SP


Eyebrows Are TheFirst Thing People NoticeWhen They Look At Faces

We all knowhow frustrating & time consuming it can be to do your eyebrows.Save time each morning doing your brows with this Eyebrow Stamp Set!

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Quick & Easy,Perfect Eyebrows Every Time

This Brow filler is a full-pigment, water and sweat resistant eyebrow pomade formula that helps fill-in brows PERFECTLY in minutes!

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How To Use It

1. Choose Stencil
2. Line up the Stencil in the way you want
3. Stamp your Eyebrow
4. Brush to blend
5. Flip Stencil and repeat on the other brow

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TheMassive SaleEnds Today!

  • Perfect Eyebrows in 30 seconds
  • Simple & Quick process
  • Waterproof
  • Wide varietyof stencils
  • Use it andsee the results on your own.

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Package Includes

  • Eyebrow Stamp Kit


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