Fashion Age-reducing Anti-blue Light Glasses (50% OFF)



Anti-Blue Light Myopia Glasses are specifically designed to filter 95% of harmful blue-violet light. Anti-Blue Light lenses make screen time more comfortable and help eliminate the symptoms of digital eye strain.

Blue light-filtering glasses will improve your sleep and allow you to fall asleep.

Protect Your Eyes

For mobile phone TV computer amplitude light, effectively blocking blue light reflection, can minimize the glare of the digital screen, reduce eye fatigue, relieve eye strain, care for your vision health, and give you clear vision.

Fit Your Face

The delicate, flattering frame and ergonomic, curved temples flatter the face and provide a non-slip, comfortable fit without pinching.

Lightweight & Comfortable

Made of high-quality resin and alloy, the lightweight and comfortable frame’s one-piece nose rest is designed to support well and not press on the nose.

High-quality Reinforced Hinges

High-quality hinges, reinforced design, flexible opening and closing to prevent falling off, strong and durable, and not easy to break.

Versatile & Practical

Wide range of uses, suitable for reading newspapers, relaxing and office work, photography, decoration, etc. Protect your eyes.


  • Material: Alloy Frame, Resin Lens
  • Myopia Degree: 0°(Anti-Blue Light), 100°, 150°, 200°, 250°, 300°, 350°, 400°

Package Includes: 1 * Fashion age-reducing anti-blue light glasses


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