Foaming Heavy Oil Stain Cleaner

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Ordinary detergent can not clean heavy oil stains. Manual scraping is time-consuming, laborious, and easy to scratch utensils.


Don’t worry! Our Foaming Heavy Oil Stain Cleaner will help you solve the problem easily. It is the easiest way to clean all kinds of kitchen stains. Just spray, wipe, and your kitchen will be clean as new!



It is effective in combating kitchen stains from grease, heavy oil stains, burn marks, scorch, stubborn dirt, coffee, wine, etc.

Formulated with professional stain removing detergent, which is non-toxic, odorless, eco-friendly, non-corroding.

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Easy to use. Just spray, wipe, and your kitchen items will be clean as new! Cleaning the kitchen is no longer an effort.

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Suitable for cleaning pots, pans, stove, pot bottom, floor, water sink, faucets, tiles, kitchen ventilator and so on, making all objects as clean as new.

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Warm Tips:

Different levels of oil stains require a different amount of stain remover and time. Use it according to the actual situation.


Capacity: 30ml/1.05oz

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Product Size: 9.6×3.7cm

Package Size: 10x4x4cm

Package Includes: Foaming Heavy Oil Stain Cleaner x 1


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