German intelligent color Progressive Auto Focus reading glasses—See more clearly


Having a hard time focusing on what you are reading or while driving on the road?

This intelligent color Progressive Auto Focus reading Glasses is the solution for your vision and other eye problems!


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Product description

  • multi-zone designwide field of view | fast discoloration | true progressive reading glasses | resin lens | ultra-high transparency | clear vision
  • Can meet the vision of different distances, no need to remove glasses frequently.



Different lights will change to different colors

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Warm tips:

1.Please correctly understand photochromic glasses, he color depth does not equal sunglasses

2.Test discoloration, it is recommended to test at noon, noon sun UV strong, discoloration can achieve the best results, more test several times, the effect is better38fa10bdce83dfe149d27ff6fc10daa9 1280

Automatically adjust auto zoom farsightedness, myopia, astigmatism

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Anti-fingerprint comparison

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Made from Germany’s latest technology on colored reading glasses, the ARNO technology.

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Prevent blue light, ultraviolet light, Anti Reflective, Anti Glare, and Anti Eye Strain lens,protect eyesight

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  • Can be used for general or zoom reading
  • Good for both near or far sightings
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Applicable for driving, reading newspapers, viewing gadgets and more!

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