Heelsium Perfect Walking Shoes

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Size Chart:

Mens Shoes Size 230 290

Experience Weightless Walking: Relieve Pain All Over Your Body 

(Without Spending Thousands on Orthotics)

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See why thousands of US Walkers chose Heelsium to get rid of Foot Pain. Our #1 Selling Walking Shoes are finally back in stock for a limited time only.
Imagine finally being able to walk, run, stand or workout completely pain free. It’s now a reality for thousands of people who already switched to Heelsium.

An expertly crafted walking shoe. Designed to cushion impacts, align your entire body and let your feet relax.

Heelsium Perfectly Aligns and Cushions Your Whole Body so You Can:

  • Relieve Feet & Lower Back Pain Almost Instantly
  • Walk For Hours On End Without Any Pain
  • Allow Your Feet To Stretch & Relax in the Wide Padded Toe Box

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Say Goodbye To Foot Pain For Good

The hyper-elastic honeycomb cushioned underfoot absorbs impacts from your feet

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Full Body Alignment

The Arch Support insole aligns your entire body. Saving you from knee, hip & ankle pain

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For Feet of All Shapes and Sizes

With a wide, padded toe box. Heelsium provides to those bunions or wide feet up to size E.

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Stretchy & Breathable

Never hot, never sweaty – Stretchy breathable mesh keeps your feet fresh and airy

Easy To Slide On

No need to bend down. Preserve your back and just slide them on.

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Non-Slip Grippy Soles

Non-slip grippy soles keep you safe from slipping from any surfaces.

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Customer reviews

Based on 8 reviews
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  1. Emma P

    I have rheumatoid arthritis. Walking has been painful. I ordered these shoes and wow, they are fabulous. So light and comfortable. Love them.

  2. Gloria M

    “These shoes are so great for nurse that stand on their feet for long periods of time. Better than my 150$ pair of shoes no kidding… medical professional healthcare providers these are worth trying. They are like walking on bubble bouncing cushions. Im buying a couple of other colors.”

  3. Faye C

    My two pairs arrived today and in love! They feel so different on my injured knees. Impact is less. See how my players fasciitis will feel.

  4. Clifford M

    I’m picky on shoes so deciding on these was challenging as I normally only buy Skechers. These were available for faster shipping, so I took the plunge. Was surprised they were delivered in a bag and not a box but, they were inside another bag and individual bags on each shoe as well, so that was great. I wear a size 8, ordered size 8 and they slipped on perfectly. Lightweight, not a ‘big feel’ shoe; nicely fitted and the sock closing is very light feeling, stretchy with no restrictions. I was also a little leary of a ‘platform’ feeling or height but I don’t feel any of that upon standing and walking. I immediately did feel the arch support!! After 2 plantar fasciitis surgeries and a fallen arch, it was so comforting to feel that support!! I need that feeling of safety when walking and am looking forward to our trip tomorrow to the Biltmore in Asheville. They will definitely be put to the test there. Happy purchase!!

  5. Emma K

    I have large, wide feet (11W), and I have trouble finding women’s shoes to fit well and I often have pain of one sort or another. These shoes have so much “GIVE” in the material, that they fit almost perfectly from the moment I put them on, no pain. They are not perfect, the arch support is a little farther back toward the heel than MY arch is, but that seems to be flattening out a bit, so it doesn’t cause pain. The only down feature is that when you are walking on a downhill or uneven surface, the stretchy material allows your foot to slide around on the footbed too much. So for hiking it wouldn’t be good at all. But for everyday walking on civilized, solid, flat surfaces, it’s wonderful. It’s one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve gotten in a long time.

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