INDESTRUCTIBLE DISC 2.0 – Cut everything in seconds


The Indestructible Disc

Conventional angle grinder discs break quickly and cut poorly. Our Indestructible Discâ„¢ 2.0 solves this problem. It is extremely durable and cuts anything in seconds, no matter what the material.

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Cut anything in seconds

The cutting speed is fast, and the cut is flat and does not break. Rest assured the disc will cut any material, whether metal, stone, ceramic, wood or tile. You will get clean cuts in half the time.

Precise and fast cuts

Are you afraid the object will be damaged or shattered Don’t worry, the Indestructible Disc 2.0 is so sharp that it cuts everything like butter. With a high temperature resistant surface, it provides less vibration and precise, fast cuts.

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Improve your tool

Why settle for something bad. The Indestructible Disc is an absolute pro tool that gives your tool a true upgrade. It is sharp, indestructible, cut and wear resistant.
Chip-free cutting for PRECISE cuts.

For smooth cutting, chamfering, grinding of materials, jade, crystal, metal, ceramics, ceramic tiles.

Easy to use:

The Indestructible Disc is designed to be used with angle grinder, it is easy to install and use. Can be used with the requirements of dry / wet cutting and long continuous cuts.

Fits all angle grinders

No matter what angle grinder you use the Indestructible Disc™ 2.0 is standardized to fit all.


Perfect for any material cut – Working on a project is made easier with smooth cuts.

No more chips – The Indestructible Discâ„¢ 2.0 is chip free with a 1mm ultra thin saw blade that will not damage the surface of the object.

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Q: What is the purpose of this saw blade?

A: Precise cuts, more convenient, safer and longer life.

Q: What is the size of the INDESTRUCTIBLE DISC

A: Width: 4 Inch | Sandpaper width: 0.4 Inch | Inner hole width: 0.8 Inch

Q: What material is the disc made of?

A: Tempered Cutting Steel.


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