Install The Handle Of The Cleaning Stone


Cleaning grills, griddles, and other outdoor surfaces can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools.

Our handles work well with most cleaning stones, allowing you to safely access and clean all areas of your grill.

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  • Easy to use: Just install the 10*7*4cm cleaning stone on the handle to use, no matter how difficult the task is, you can keep your hands clean.
  • Comfortable Handle: The ergonomic handle is angled for added leverage, making it easy to reach and maneuver in tight places. The handle is a lightweight plastic, making it easier to use.

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  • Protect your hands: The handle protects your hands and nails while cleaning.
  • Longer use time: It can be used repeatedly. When the old cleaning stone is used up, it can be replaced with a new one and continue to be used on the handle.

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Keep your cooking grate spotless and ready to use
Anyone with a passion for grilling looking for a grill brush, this handle plus cleaning stone makes it easy to keep your cooking grate spotless and ready to use. Reliable grill brushes are a must, and we’ve got you covered with well-designed handles and durable materials that will meet the unique cleaning needs of your outdoor kitchen.

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Product Specifications

  • Material: PP
  • Cleaning stone size: 10*7*4CM

Package Includes

  • 1 x Install The Handle Of The Cleaning Stone


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