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This is your ticket to cozy periods. Her combination of heat and massage therapy helps soothe cramps, relax your muscles and reduce bloating.

Itcan be worn on your tummy or lower back. And her slim, lightweight design means you gethelp with your crampswhenever, wherever.

Disclaimer – Lana is not used to cure period cramps, it is used to ease the pain.

Lana 2

How it works.

Experience the luxury of a personal masseuse for your cramps with us, a soothing and effective massage that targets the right areas


Ditch the pills.

Instead of relying on pills with negative side effects, try it for a healthy, natural, and drug-free solution to relieve period cramps


Goodbye cramps.

It offers help for cramps, regardless of their severity. It has three distinct modes to cater to different needs.

Lana 1

Live life blissfully.

With this, you can regain control of your life and achieve success in school, work, and personal goals by becoming the best version of yourself.


Your new best friend.

It is an effective solution for cramp relief that doesn’t require any setup or subscriptions. Its slim, lightweight design is comfortable to use and it addresses the source of cramps, rather than just masking the symptoms.


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