Non-invasive blood glucose test smart watch


Upgrade three functions

  • 1.45 inch large screen
  • Non-invasive blood sugar health management
  • NFC card swiping & payment function

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Noninvasive measurement ,Real-time control of blood sugar

The new algorithm of the core patent evaluates the user’s health, stores data on the mobile phone, makes accurate calculation and comprehensive assessment, and pushes personalized blood sugar interval value. At the same time, it researches and determines the trend of blood sugar fluctuation, so that you can adjust your diet and blood sugar in a timely and reasonable manner and effectively prevent it in advance.(Customers who need this function, please buy upgrade black/white rubber watch)

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24-hour heart rate monitoring
Real-time heart rate monitoring in 24 hours once set up, you will be notified when your heart rate is abnormal, too fast or too slow, or when your heartbeat is irregular

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Blood Pressure and Oxygen Monitoring
A new live monitoring method, you can measure blood pressure and blood oxygen data directly on the watch without connecting an app, so you can understand your body changes anytime, anywhere.

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Functions: Bluetooth Calls+ Phone Search+ Message Alert+ Time Display+ Stopwatch+ Countdown Timer+ Alarm Setting and so on.

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Monitoring: step count, sleep, blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature.

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IP67 Rated waterproof watch, you don’t have to worry about getting into the water during daily use. You can enjoy exercise without worrying about sweat or water damage.

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Bluetooth Call Support
Equipped with a high-sensitivity microphone, independent high-fidelity audio and call quality. Provide super convenient calling experience, ringtone reminder, no missed calls, and hands-free.

Music on the GO!
With 33M+33M memory, music storage of more than 100 songs, enjoy music even without a mobile phone anywhere you go!

Or connect to your phone’s Bluetooth for unlimited music!

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  • System Requirements: Android or IOS
  • Package includes: 1 x Smartwatch 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • Watchband Color: Black leather, Orange leather, Black rubber, White rubber, Silvery steel,Black steel

Package Includes

  • 1* Watch


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