PetCruiser Pet Carpool Seat


I LOVE this seat! And so do my pups! My 4lb, 4 month old mini dachshund and 9 year old Chiweenie fit in it together and they both just lay down and rest most of the drive! Definitely recommend this seat!”

– Eloy M. Verified Buyer

For pet lovers and frequent travelers, ensuring the safety and comfort of furry friends during car rides is a top priority. However, car rides can be stressful for pets due to motion sickness, anxiety, or discomfort, which can affect their overall well-being and cause worry. The emotional distress caused by the discomfort and anxiety of furry companions during car rides can be overwhelming.

Introducing PetCruiser, a safe and comfortable carport seat designed to keep furry friends secure and cozy during car rides. With its adjustable straps, built-in storage compartments, and soft, durable fabric, PetCruiser provides a safe way to ride up front. Experience the joy of traveling with a furry companion alongside, with the assurance that they are safe, comfortable, and secure, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

PetCruiser Pet Carpool Seat


  • COMFORT: With a soft and cushioned interior, PetCruiser offers a comfortable and cozy up front spot for small dogs and cats to enjoy the ride. This helps pets to feel relaxed and at ease, providing an enjoyable and stress-free experience.
  • SAFETY: PetCruiser features a four-sided design with a safety lanyard and adjustable straps that securely tie to the armrest and a seat belt for added protection. This ensures maximum safety and security for pets during car rides.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: Featuring a detachable design with washable fabric and padding, the PetCruiser allows for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. This provides a comfortable and hygienic travel experience for pets, ensuring their overall well-being during car rides.
  • VERSATILE: The versatile design of the PetCruiser allows it to fit perfectly in most vehicles. The car seat can be easily installed and removed, making it convenient for on-the-go travelers.

FRONT SEAT: The PetCruiser provides a unique elevated position for small pets, attaching to the car’s center console with velcro straps. It allows for a clear view through the windshield and improved proximity to the owner, without taking up an entire car seat.

We understand how stressful and worrisome it can be to leave your beloved furry friend alone in the backseat during car rides. It can be frustrating when you want to take your furry friend on a road trip, but they become anxious or uncomfortable, leaving you feeling guilty and stressed. According to a recent survey, 84% of pet owners consider their pet’s safety and comfort when traveling in a vehicle.

With PetCruiser, furry friends can finally enjoy the company on every car ride while being safe and secure sitting up front alongside. PetCruiserâ„¢ provides a safe and cozy front seat travel solution for cats and dogs, allowing them to join on every car ride. Enjoy peace of mind and the joy of traveling together with a furry friend, knowing that they are safe, comfortable, and secure, making every ride a memorable bonding experience.


1 x PetCruiser Pet Carpool Seat


Material: PP cotton + cotton and linen blended

Suitable for: small dogs and cats up to 6kg / 13.5lbs

Dimensions: Width – 26cm ; Length: 48cm.

Please note: Ensure these dimensions will fit in your car’s console area before purchasing. Check your car’s console and compare with the given dimensions above. The PetCruiser is designed to fit most cars, but compatibility may vary depending on your car’s specific model and year.

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