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Shape, Slay, Swim

Dive into the Perfect Silhouette with our Shapewear Swimwear!

Unleash your beach confidence like never before with Shapeher Shapewear Swimsuit – the secret to conquering insecurities and fully enjoying this year’s summer. Dive into the transformative power of our meticulously crafted swimsuit, featuring innovative hidden shaping technology and curve-enhancing laces. Embrace the beach with unwavering self-assurance

Shape your Curves & Rule the Waves with the newest Shapeher product, so good it looks just like a normal swimsuit

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Customer reviews

Based on 11 reviews
  1. A***a

    Holy moly, this swimsuit fits like a dream and makes me feel like a total babe. Gotta cop it in all the shades, no doubt!

    Shapeher Shapewear swimsuit - Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  2. J***o

    Wowww. This thing snatches you so much! It’s literally made my stomach non – existent and its so comfy. It actually goes so well as a bodysuit with beach shorts and slides. SO versatile.

    Shapeher Shapewear swimsuit - Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  3. S***l

    Wow! I was advertised this on instagram and kept going back to look at it because I am 30 and felt like I am over the point in my life where I wear weird amazon bathing suits that never fit quite right.. And I wanted to get a one piece that actually looks good, all attempts really highlighted my rectangular shape and made me feel unattractive. I have boobs and butt but really not much of an hourglass waist from the front. I finally bit the bullet and the cost and ordered a Plungey and Lacey. I really didn’t want to show my boobs but the Plunge had more butt coverage and I wanted to try both options. I had contacted the chat form because I am in between sizes and read all the reviews and really wasn’t sure, and was recommended that I get the Medium, but I was skeptical and didn’t want to have any bulging out of the leg holes.. So I ordered a Medium in the Plungey because it had more butt coverage and a Large in the Lacey. I should have listened because although initially it was a little harder to get the Medium Plunge on and situated it is insane and making me look like a vintage Barbie! I do not have that waist, this bathing suit is a witch! It doesn’t give you weird blobs hanging out anywhere even though it is sucking you in! I was really dreading wearing a bathing suit this summer on my trips but now I feel like it won’t be such a nightmare. Thank you!! I already ordered the medium in Lacey and hope to get it soon to see if it is better. I hope that they make a higher neck version with an X back, that would be the dream. I have attached the picture of the difference between the Medium Plunge and Large Lacey and also a picture of me in a sketchy Amazon bathing suit to illustrate my rectangular form Sorry for the blur, trying to hide my messy room haha.

    Shapeher Shapewear swimsuit - Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  4. C***i

    Oh if I could go back in time and pull the trigger sooner. It’s worth every penny and more. I’m in my 40s and live in a sleepy coastal town in FL so I swim often. Fine described my current swimsuit. It wasn’t amazing but it was fine. I have guests coming into town and knew I would be in a swimsuit in front of them. My “fine” suit would not cut it. I remembered and ordered one. Woah, woah and woah. My body has never liked like this. I feel incredible. I’m like a beach superhero! Somehow it’s comfortable as well which I would have never guessed. It holds me in with a loving hug of premium material. Do yourself the favor and try one.

    Shapeher Shapewear swimsuit - Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  5. R***r

    I have personally never worn a one piece before this one and was afraid of feeling un-sexy. This suit accented my curves (and made some new ones) and gave me an hour glass figure. I’m obsessed.

    Shapeher Shapewear swimsuit - Buy 1 Get 1 Free
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