Find out if your partner is having an affair or if a family member is stealing from you with this spy camera! It’s like having your own private detective, but much cheaper.


Do you need proof to help you make a decision? Keep the situation under your control at all times.

Trust is the basis of any stable relationship, but there are times when we find ourselves in situations where we have doubts about our partners, relatives, friends and even those working in our homes.
Thanks to the Sherkam spy camera, you can take discreet images to identify or rule out any suspicions you have and get back to the peace of mind you had before you suspected a crime or betrayal in your home.

It is easy to hide in your home and it has night vision to see faces and details clearly even in total darkness.

Nothing will go unnoticed by you!
Thanks to the night vision system of the Sherkam, you can be in control of the view of the camera at any time, day or night, in any scenario.
Due to its small size, the Sherkam can be placed in any spot in your house and take videos in a concealed and discreet way. They will never see it!


How to use it?

product use1

Download the mobile app

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Connect to power and hide your spy camera

product use3

Keep an eye on everything that happens in your home!

The best option on the market

Mini spy cameraControl what happens in your house at all times

Small sizeYou can hide it in any spot and film videos discreetly. Don’t be left wondering if your partner is cheating!

Motion detection.All you have to do is press the motion detection button and the filming will begin when the camera detects movement.

High resolution and night vision.In the event of complete darkness, the night vision function will be automatically activated. 1080 HD light resolution

Motion detection and 24/7 live footage is also available via the app.

The Sherkam camera can be set up with motion detection, meaning you can save storage space, only recording when the motions sensors are activated.Download the app on your mobile phone and connect to your device through WiFi so that you can watch your surveillance videos in any place, at any time. An alarm will sound on your phone when movement is detected.
The Sherkam spy camera allows 24/7 filming on a loop. Once the SD card (not included) memory becomes full, the camera will replace the oldest footage with newer footage.

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Small-sized spy camera and easy to hide that films live continuously (SD card not included). App available on Android and IOS

This innovative spy camera includes a responsive motion detector that, once it detects any movement, begins to film immediately.

Multiple uses: To detect infidelities, burglaries, offices, monitor the elderly and children as well as pets.

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product not use1 Undetectable spy camera

With a size of just 2.9 x 1.1 x 2.9 cm. It can be hidden easily in the area or inside any object.

product not use2 Easy to use

It’s so easy to use and so effective that you’ll wish you had discovered it sooner.

product not use3 Take it anywhere

Use it anytime, anywhere.


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