Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower



Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower

Get a spa-like experience at home Tired of having low water pressure that makes you spend hours in the shower? Try our Revolutionary Vortex Shower Head and experience how high-pressure water feels!

Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower

Not only does the Power Showerhead with Waterfilter provide you with a relaxing shower, but also saves you from damages through chlorine

Chlorine sucks the natural oils from your hair and skin, leaving them dry, rough, and damaged. Your hair needs some of its natural oil to remain smooth and healthy, and chlorine removes those oils. Chlorine can also cause chemical reactions in your hair, changing its natural color, weakening each hair strand, and causing split ends. The oils removed from the skin can leave your skin irritated. Buy here.

Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower

The new PP-cotton filter in our Power Showerhead softens water and filters out toxins including chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, rust, and odors in the shower water, enhancing water purification and maintaining water pH balance. This purified water is much gentler on your skin and healthier for your hair.

Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower

Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower

“I had problems with the water pressure in my house, I have tried everything, this 360 shower was my last hope and IT WORKS! Now my bathroom really looks like a spa. After a long day at work, I am very grateful for taking a relaxing bath.”



Increases Water Pressure

  • The Shower Head propeller increases water speed, which increases water pressure. This works no matter how low your water pressure is because once the head is full, it creates the pressure internally.

Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower

Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower


  • Shower head uses micro nozzle technology makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, increasing the speed of the water flow, At the same time Up to 40% water saving than ordinary shower head.

Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower



  • The showerhead dispenses water in the form of a net water jet that gently touches your body while showering. It relaxes muscles, promotes blood circulation, and improves the appearance of the skin.

Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower

360° Rotation

  • Thanks to its angle-free system, you can easily adjust the Revolutionary Vortex Shower Head to the position that best suits you.

Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower

On/Off Switch

  • Shower head has an ON/OFF Switch. Just press the switch on the nozzle handle to stop the water flow at any time.

Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower

Easy to Uses

  • Revolutionary Vortex Shower Head takes seconds and no effort to be installed. Just connect it like any other shower head and start enjoying its new features.

PP Cotton Filter

  • This universal fit shower head comes equipped with PP cotton which will effectively remove the impurities in the water and protect the health and safety of your skin.

Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower

Your Skin Will Thank You:

  • The included PP Cotton Filter significantly reduces water impurity, chlorine, suspended solids, and bacteria. Buy here.


  • Material: Premium Stainless Steel + PET
  • Dimensions: 10.2 in x 3.2 in (26 cm x 8 cm)
  • Weight: 6.9 ounces (195g)
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Filter: One PP cotton filter

Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower

Reduce Water Consumption

  • We’re committed to creating a shower that is better for you and the planet. Our innovative showerheads feature laser perforated micro-holes and a stop/start button so you can reduce your environmental impact and save money. Buy here.

Skin & Hair Care 360°-Turbo Shower


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