Smart Sensing Snake

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Just like you, your cat can suffer from mental health issues like depression and anxiety. This can cause their health to deteriorate to an alarmingly low level and ultimately result in death. These devastating issues can be fixed with engaging toys to stimulate their brains that can save their life.

The smart sensing snake toy has the perfect combination of movement and interactive play needed to give your cat the thrill of the hunt in the safety of your home. Its life-like slithering motion will encourage your cat to engage with it by providing healthy mental and physical stimulation. gif maker ff3cc780 8c99 46e5 aeda

Ultra Durable: This snake holds up against the strongest cat paw smacks and pounce attacks! It slithers and glides fast on flat flooring

Quick & Easy charging: Plug the snake in to charge using the provided USB charger for fast charging.

Avoids Obstacles: When the snake encounters obstacles it will reverse and avoid them with ease. It is equipped with automatic shut off but can easily be turned back on again by tapping its head.


Customer reviews

Based on 28 reviews
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  1. H***f

    Cats love it. Esp my kitten. Highly recommend.

    Smart Sensing Snake
    Smart Sensing Snake
  2. K***w

    Great snake, with Obstacle Sensor. Moves in a straight line until he sees an obstacle, then spins and tries to find ways to bypass. Eyes emit light. After a couple of minutes of movement, it freezes. Just kick her and she’ll start moving again. The cats really liked it.

    Smart Sensing Snake
    Smart Sensing Snake
  3. Z***c

    The product is cool. It catches the cats attention and they become curious. The sensor works well.

    Smart Sensing Snake
  4. I***n

    Looks good quality, rather noisy when it moves because all plastic, the cat seems interested

    Smart Sensing Snake
    Smart Sensing Snake
  5. M***U

    Working perfectly! Everything exactly as in the ad. My cats are still more “scared” than having fun, but I believe it is because it is new! Over time, I think they will enjoy it as much as I do!

    Smart Sensing Snake
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