This 800W Solar Street Light System features super-bright LEDs that will light up the dark in a matter of seconds. Designed and built for a wide range of lighting applications such as commercial and industrial buildings, parking lots, street, pathway lights, playground, farms, parks and large area Residential and Recreational lighting. This high quality built and very durable light is completely self-contained.


Its innovative smart lighting profiles offer true Dusk to Dawn all night lighting capability. It offers flexibility for critical weather and variations of geographic locations and it is able to automatically manage the critical status of the battery. An All In One Design!


  • DIY Installation
  • Brighter than ever
  • IP65 Weatherproof materials: Weather-resistant, rustproof, heavy-duty resin frame provides extra reliability and durability, especially in humid climates and coastal communities. You don’t have to worry about rain damage and sun exposure. These LED Solar Lights can also get charged with ice/snow in the Solar Panel.

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  • Color temperature: White light 6000-6500k
  • 800 W
  • Remote Control with 3 build-in modes
  • Motion Sensor
  • Intelligent Light Detection Sensor
  • Working Voltage: 5V

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  • No need wires or electrical power
  • Dusk to Dawn mode
  • Motion Sensor with 2 modes
  • ON/OFF switch
  • These Solar Light System built will stay ON at full brightness all night long. Our solar powered outdoor lights DO last ON All Night Long
  • These Solar Lights last up to 10 hours during the night with only 6 hours of direct sunlight on the solar panel
  • Durability: Over 5 years
  • Package include: 1 x Solar Light System, 1 x Wall Mount, 1 x Remote Control, Screws set

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  • What type of Photocell do the lights use?

– Our LED solar lights work with photocell dusk to dawn which means that they will automatically turn ON and OFF with the sense of natural light, plus they can be manually turned ON and OFF by using the switch/button that is integrated with the lights.

  • How long the lights stay ON during the night?

– Our outdoor solar lights can stay ON all night long.

  • Do they need any wires for installation?

– Our solar lights are 100% wires free. All you have to do is putting it in the desired place, push the turn ON/OFF button in the lamp, and that’s it. That simple!


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