Super Strong Invisible Waterproof Anti-Leakage Agent


  • AB Glue Waterproof Insulation Sealant: Efficiently leak-proof. This is a revolutionary water and rubber based formula that penetrates joints, cracks and leaks and seals any cracked surface. At the same time, a waterproof protective layer is formed on the adjacent area.

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  • Excellent quality: Made of high-quality materials, friendly to the human body and the environment, non-toxic. It has been tested and approved, and it lasts a long time. It does not harm humans or surfaces.

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  • SAVE MONEY: Helps save time, money and effort by ensuring long-term protection after use. It can be used to penetrate cracks, window frames, toilets, walls, exterior walls.

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  • Effective repair agent: Simply “brush” the desired surface with glue and you’re done! Instantly and effectively seals plumbing leaks from walls, ceilings, window frames and more.

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  • Product properties:
  • Product content: a can of waterproof glue + brush
  • Weight: 100g


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