Translucent Sticky Notes


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The Translucent Sticky Notes feature a high transparency that will let you clearly see through the surface beneath that it’s been stuck on. Prevent the original documents from altering or blocking and information that you”ll be needing to annotate or highlighting. You can now write, study or keep track of meaningful lines and passages even on books that don”t or can”t write on.

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A 50 post-it notes with a translucent design to give you maximum visibility through the surface beneath. It can be stuck on anywhere without blocking the original documents or information that you needed to take note or read on. These do not leave marks or residues onto the adhered surface, making it ideal for writing reminders, notes, concepts or underlining and highlighting key words without writing directly on the actual page.

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The stickies can smoothly be written on with various pen types without smudging, pooling ink or even bleeding through. Suitable for pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, sharpies, oil-based markers, ball-point pens, colored pencils and more. Making it an ideal post-it notes for writing, reminding, underlining key words or keeping track of various lines without inking the actual page.

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It supplies a powerful back adhesion that stays firmly fixed on the surface without causing a single damage. Preventing it from falling or getting realigned to your needed position. It also can be quickly adhered and be removed or repositioned cleanly anytime when needed.

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Adhered it onany surfaces whether it be on your home, school, office or for other projects. It is applicable for annotating books, magazines, notebooks, documents, files, calendars, planners or be used for leaving reminders on doors, fridge, tables, counters, lunch boxes, cabinets, windows, computers, laptops and walls. The Translucent Sticky Notes notes can even work as a mini tracing paper or as a bookmark. Great for students, office employees, teachers, professors, and so on.

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Made of paper and PET, sticks securely, removes cleanly, sturdy and firm for you to use a long time. With a smooth surface, it is soft and comfortable for you to touch, providing you with a good hand feeling.

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This Translucent Sticky Notes is designed with 6 different colors, namely white, red, yellow, orange, blue and green, enough for you to choose according to your personal preference and different moods. You can also apply different colors to match with various occasions.

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