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Award Winning Design.

Are you tired of spending endless hours detangling hair, only to be met with tears and frustration?
It is the same scenario every single day

You try to brush.
The brush gets stuck.
Your kid cries, running around your home.

What if you could detangle knots in minutes, painlessly?

Introducing the Ultra-Detangler, a revolutionary hairbrush designed to make detangling a breeze.

Its secret lies in the patented bristle structure. A combination of long nylon bristles and short boar bristles ensures a gentle, pain-free experience.

This, combined with the extraordinary oversized design that perfectly matches the shape of the head, makes detangling your hair with the Ultra-Detangler feel like MAGIC!


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Save Time and Tears.

If you think once again about your family’s hair routine

Can you count how many times you’ve tried to detangle those annoying knots resulting in screaming and tears?

We are sure it happens often..

You’re not alone, and we understand that time is precious, especially during busy mornings.

Ultra-detangler detangles knots up to 5 times faster, saving you lots of precious time.

The best is that it is specifically designed to work with dry or wet hair and on ALL hair types!

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Endless Benefits.

Poor-quality hair brushesare thenumber 1 causeof:

  • Irritated hair follicles
  • Pain
  • Dandruff
  • Split Ends
  • Permanent hair loss

And this is why Ultra-detangler was designed since it:

  • Removes discomfort
  • Prevents breakage
  • Does not pull but easily glides through
  • Saves lots of time

Will make your kiddo very, very happy!

Invest in Ultra-Detangler and Get ready for a Pain-FREE detangling experience.


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